Are you an explorer at heart?

questoYou’re either an explorer, or you’re not, there isn’t any middle way. If your all time favorite thing is to enjoy the thrill of taking random detours and wandering around, if you’re constantly and inexplicably struck with a heavy sense of wanderlust and if you think that it really is about the journey, not the destination, you’re definitely the coolest explorer and you’re in the right place. Now follow me, I’ll reveal how to explore cities, find local experiences & unique stories in the most creative way.

Let me introduce your new friend, his name is Questo. Questo is a free city tour exploration app which genuinely connects you with places you’re visiting and stories you’re discovering. A quest is a walking tour that guides you on a different path where you have to solve clues for finding the most charming and hidden local places and stories. Exploring the city is no longer a simple walk, it becomes an interactive challenge to discover the secrets of the destination, secrets that you are unlikely to find in any touristic guide because they’re based on hints from locals.

All you have to do is to download the app in Google Play or App Store, choose the city you want to explore, browse through the available quests and select the one you like. After that you decide if you want to hunt or to discover, the hunter mode is for those who’re super competitive and alert, you have a time counter and you’ll get a better position in the leader board if you’ll solve the clues fast; the discover mode is for those who want to wonder around without any time pressure. Then you just press start and let the adventure begin. Go with the flow, only good things are about to happen 🙂

You can currently enjoy free city tours in Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Sighisoara and also in The Netherlands (Rotterdam) & Hungary (Budapest). Poland and Bulgaria are on the list of the next destinations.

Last, but not least, I’m also sooo proud of Questo, the app was developed by a Romanian team and I’m pretty sure these guys won’t stop until they’ll have a quest on the Moon.

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