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Bucur’s heritage

Like most of the city dwellers or rural folk, we got a bunch of old junk around the house.  Now you would think that it is just some useless furniture that sits there and does nothing, except gaining pounds of dust, but in fact, we tried to look beyond the decades-old objects and see more […]

Are you an explorer at heart?

You’re either an explorer, or you’re not, there isn’t any middle way. If your all time favorite thing is to enjoy the thrill of taking random detours and wandering around, if you’re constantly and inexplicably struck with a heavy sense of wanderlust and if you think that it really is about the journey, not the […]

The story

Joy. Bucur is related to the Romanian word bucurie, which means joy! We can’t find a better word to describe our story. And today we’re celebrating exactly 3 years since our very first guest. The story. As a tribute to our traveling passion, one day we decided to bring all the travelers to Bucharest to […]

4 Castles in One Day Medieval Tour with “The Bear”

The tour is hosted by Ursu (The Bear) – a Transylvanian medieval acoustic punk artist – as a means of supporting his off-grid and street art projects. It comes as a conclusion to 10 years of medieval festivals and includes visits to 4 very different Transylvanian Castles: Peleş Castle, Dracula’s Castle, Râşnov Citadel and multiple […]

To Bucharest Or Not To Bucharest, This Is The Question

So, we’ve heard that you are coming to visit Bucharest! That’s just amazing! Good choice! There are many reasons to come here. Just like there are many reasons to visit us, at Bucur’s Shelter Hostel! Who are we? Well, they call us a hostel, but our friends from all over the world who came and […]

Journal of a hostel receptionist – episode #1

The bright story of our receptionist Ioana Ciocănel Starting with the autumn of 2015, I got myself immersed in the hostel life, and begin to be fascinated by the world unfolding in front of the reception desk with each check-in I did. Beyond keeping the business going and growing, I found myself dealing with a […]

Habemus blog – hostel life in Bucharest

Dear all, boyz & girlz, best friends and simple acquaintances, people who know us well or ones who’ll get to know us soon, today is a big day for us, we decided to emerge our ideas & bring them to life through this online journal. You’ll find here our deepest thoughts, amazing travel stories, tips […]