The story


Bucur is related to the Romanian word bucurie, which means joy! We can’t find a better word to describe our story. And today we’re celebrating exactly 3 years since our very first guest.

The story.

As a tribute to our traveling passion, one day we decided to bring all the travelers to Bucharest to one amazing place where they will feel like home and that’s how we started to dream excel sheets, budgets and 3D simulations. Bucur is not only the joy, but also the name of the founder of Bucharest and this was the winning match, we got the name for Bucur’s Shelter Hostel in no time. The great surprise came while searching the perfect location, we found it on Bucur Street, at no. 21. Name it karma, the Universe or a propitious alignment of planets. Since that moment, it’s been a hell of a wonderful journey we’d start any moment from the very beginning just to meet all that amazing people who became our friends.

The journey.

3 years ago, somewhere at the beginning of April we were ready and went online with the listing of our place. We even can’t describe that feelings: excitement, fear, sweet anticipation, craziness, perhaps all in one, but certainly the only thought at that moment was that we did it! What happened after it’s history 🙂 We got our 1st booking next day. The check in date was in 3 days. And then it happened. Our very first guest arrived. We still remember her, a lovely girl Maria. We’re lovingly remembering that times and we still can’t believe it’s been 3 years since then.

Today, officially we’re a hostel, but our friends from all over the world who came and stayed with us keep saying we are like a nice and friendly home and family away from their home. We’ve met more than 26.000 amazing people and we can’t count all the great stories and wonderful feelings everyone shared with us. One of the best things at Bucur’s Shelter? The warm & welcoming smile of our super-amazing-awesome-friendly staff you will see first thing you enter the door. Aaand first thing in the morning! 🙂 It makes you feel sure that you are just in the right place with the right people around. You’re already our friend. Yes, you! What else? Our huge bean bag in the living room. You need to come and try it to understand what we are talking about. We had guests who found their soulmate in our living room!

The angels’ team.

What’s a place without its people? As far as one knows only some walls. Sooo we present you our glorious family:

Ioana: “For one year and few months now, I’ve been dealing with some intense human interactions here at Bucur’s Shelter. I was busy saying “Hi!” and “Goodbye!” to so many wonderful people while understanding the importance of the present moment. Through trial-and-error, I learned about the subtle needs of people looking to connect and being seen, and that all this has nothing to do with the country or culture they come from.

I am grateful to be able to practice acceptance and patience both with the rest of the hostel staff and with these colorful travelers. The time I spent here as a receptionist brought me hundreds of tears and smiles. After all I am left with a feeling of ease and awe because I recognize pieces of myself in all those eyes I’ve seen. I am happy to be a Bucur’s Angel and wish for more humans to embrace travelling and hosting each other as friends. Thank you all!”

Andrada: “Happy birthday, Bucur’s Shelter! You are like a bubble of joy, a parallel universe, a wonderland where magic happens and magical, wonderful people gather and unbelievable friendships happen. Thank you for being amazing and for being my true home and family for so long! I love you!”

Dan the Bear: “After 10 years in the music industry, alienated and a lone wolf, I found Bucur’s Shelter when I was mumbling for a new life. I am a former transylvanian medieval acoustic punk, now a street musician, an off-grid enthusiast and a very happy off-track tour guide. I found a real family here and no sitcom was ever funnier or more interesting than our lives in this magical place. I owe a lot to this tangle of energies and I keep coming back whatever changes in my life. Pffff, and the ladies, man…”

To sum up.

Our days are never the same but that’s magic and everyone of you make them special so we’ll keep being amazing for you.

Love ya all,

Irina, Filip, Cătălina,

Bucur’s Chief Angels